Why PM Khayre must resign immediately


Due to major policy blunders of federal government, Somali Prime Minister must resign.

Here are 16 reasons why Khayre must resign immediately.

1. Opportunistic and self-serving Foriegn policy that really puts Somalia’s future in danger,
2. Corrupting national institutions through money and leadership changes,
3. Engaging in a policy of regime change and corrupting the institutions of the federal member states,
4. Corrupting the media through regular payments of journalists and media outlets,
5. Engaging in illegal changes of federal statutes and adapting new ones like the electoral law and 2008 hydrocarbon law,
6. Refusing to accept the National Security Formula agreed upon by all stakeholders including the International community,
7. Sabotaging the federal system,
Planning to extend government constitutionally mandated term limit of 2020 to 2022,
8. Violating constitutional articles and agreements on natural resources sharing,
9. Ignoring all previous FG & FMS agreements,
10. Arbitrary allotment of all Foriegn aid
11. Public humiliation of ministers and treating them with contempt,
12. Allowing abuse of power by unelected officials who have powers that subvert, substitute and sometimes bypass national institutions decisions.
13. Politicization of independent institutions like the supreme Court, auditor general, central bank by staffing them with low level protégés,
14. Dysfunctional cabinet mainly because of lack of capacity and intimidation,
16. Destruction of the army corps by appointing people with few years experience, and knowledge.

Only a new prime minister and a new cabinet can negotiate and reach acceptable resolution of the above existential issues with the federal member states..


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