Puntland state demands return to talks to end political crisis


Puntland state has called on the country’s political stakeholders to return to the negotiating table to end the political crisis.

In a statement, Puntland authorities said the only viable option for Somalia is a resumption of dialogue based on the September 17 agreement.

“The Government of Puntland State of Somalia declares that the agreement of 17 September 2020 is the only agreement reached to hold the Federal Elections, and to address the impediments to the implementation of the agreement in order to achieve a fair election acceptable to all,” the statement read in part.

Expressing its position on the extended mandate of the government, the easterly state said it “does not recognize the illegitimate actions of the Federal Parliament, which has extended its term.

”Last week, a majority vote by Puntland parliament last week in support of a motion rejecting term extension.

Out of 52 MPs present, 49 voted in favour of the motionPuntland state and its allied regional state, Jubbaland had recently been at loggerheads with the federal government over the electoral process.

Mid this month, Somalia’s lower house members have extended the mandate of the president and the parliament by two years, a move international community and local politicians in the country opposed.


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