Four al-Shabaab fighters killed in Gedo clashes


At least four al-Shabaab fighters have been killed and several others injured after clashes with Somali military in southern Somalia.

Speaking to the media, Beled-hawo security forces commander, Abdullahi Hussein Ibrahim said the forces raided villages under al-Shabaab controlled, prompting heavy fighting between the sides.

The fighting took place Ana-Qubow and Qaniyale village in the outskirts of Beled-Hawa town of Gedo region.

“We have liberated two villages, during the fighting the forces managed to eliminate four al-Shabaab fighters and injured several others,” he said.

The commander confirmed casualties on SNA but did not specify.

The operations come barely three days after al-Shabaab fighters attack Beled-Hawa town.

The group which once was powerful and controlled large swath of territories in south and central Somalia.

Al-Shabaab lost Mogadishu in 2011 after days of heavy clashes with Somali military backed by AMISOM forces.


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