Final year medical student shot by a policeman dies in Mogadishu


A medical student in her final year who was shot by a policeman in a continuing streak of civilian killings by security forces in Mogadishu has succumbed to her injuries this morning.

Banaadir University Dean Dr. Mohamed Mohamud Hassan told local media Miriam Mohamed Hersi was in the final year of her medicine degree programme when her life was cut short by a policeman who was supposed to protect her.

Dr. Hassan said Miriam was on her internship at Aden Abdulle Hospital in Mogadishu. She was returning home on the evening of December 11 when a policeman opened fire at a vehicle she was travelling in at Forensa Junction in Mogadishu’s Wardhigley district.

The policeman has since gone into hiding according to police sources. The deceased had been hospitalised at Digfeer Hospital but passed on this morning.

The death of Miriam adds to three, in barely two months the number of young people felled by a bullet from security forces who are paid to protect human lives. A week before Miriam was shot, Zakariye Mohamud Hussein and Sowda Mohamud Hussein, two siblings were shot dead by military men at Debka junction in Mogadishu. The two were on an autorickshaw and were out on that fateful night to get food for a relative who was in the hospital.

A day later on December 4, Mahad Abdirahman was gunned down by a policeman at Zoobe junction while on a motorbike.

None of the offenders has been prosecuted


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